First Day of School Memento

It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I couldn’t wait for Lara to fit into a cute little red dress that she had received as a pressie when she was born, it was size 6-9 months and i thought the time would never come…




But here we are, she turns FIVE on Tuesday and starts school on Wednesday. O.M.G!

So anyway, back to the job at hand, I decided to make a photo prop/memento for all those pictures up against the wall 🙂

Unbelievably simple. If you would like to have a go you will need:

2017-08-18 12.30.04

  • a canvas (Dealz/Euro Giant €1.50)
  • black poster paint
  • crayons (of course!!)
  • something to scrape the paint away (I used the end of a spoon and a cocktail stick)

If you can’t get out to get a canvas, you could just use a sheet of paper and then pop it in a frame afterwards.

So to start off, just colour the entire surface of the canvas in crayon.

2017-08-19 11.45.54


Next up, just paint it black. It might need more than one coat.

2017-08-26 12.04.59

Once the paint has dried, just scrape out your message…

2017-08-27 09.57.26

And that’s it!! Here’s my finished product…

 2017-08-27 10.51.14

Hope you enjoy making yours and your little ones have a great start to their school career.

Emma x

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