DIY T-Shirt Printing

While I was waiting on baby number 3 to arrive I made these t-shirts for my older girls, the big sisters! So this is just a quick blog on how to make similar ones yourself.

2017-04-08 12.42.222017-04-08 12.43.36

On the front  I put ‘Big Sister’ and on the back I have their names/nicknames.

You will need:

  • a t-shirt
  • transfer paper (easily found online, in stationary shops or larger Tesco stores)
  • an iron
  • scissors
  • some thick cardboard/or a hard surface (not an ironing board)
  • a computer & printer

First things first, decide if you are going to use a light or dark coloured t-shirt, you can get transfer paper for either dark or light coloured fabric.

Next you need to decide on what text or pictures you want to use, it’s important to remember that anything you print out will be reversed when ironed on to your t-shirt. It probably won’t make a difference with pictures but definitely will with text, if you’re unsure how to change your text around, here’s a short video using Google Drive (it’s free!!).

Once you’ve decided on your design, print it out on the plain side of the transfer paper. Hint: use ‘print preview’ and the page you’ll be printing on as a guide on how to size your design, I had to use smaller writing on Nina’s t-shirt (1 year old) compared to Lara’s (4 years old) to ensure they fit on the smaller t-shirt.

2017-01-13 09.12.20

Next, just cut closely around your design.

2017-01-13 09.12.46

The main event – more detailed instructions should come with your packet of transfer paper and may vary but in general you need to turn your iron on high with the steam function turned off. Place your t-shirt down on a hard surface, not an ironing board, (I used thick cardboard on top of my ironing board) and place your transfer sheet (design down) on top. Once you are confident its in the spot you want it, iron firmly and evenly over it for about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

2017-01-13 09.28.02

Wait for the paper to cool completely, then carefully peel back from a corner, ensuring the design is on the t-shirt. If not, don’t move the paper anymore and iron again.

2017-01-13 09.44.59

And there ya have it!

2017-01-13 09.35.49

Now, it says in the instructions that I got, that it was fine to machine wash inside out but personally I wouldn’t trust it and wouldn’t like to risk it. My girls have only worn them a few times for short periods and I’ve just cleaned any marks with a damp cloth. I’ll probably stick them on them for a few more photos and then pop them in their memory boxes 🙂

20170406_1426232017-03-12 12.18.18

To see another t-shirt design idea using crayons, click here!





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