Design Your Own T-Shirt

Fun little project!

Design your own tshirt with crayons! We made a ‘big sister’ t-shirt. We also designed some baby gros and vests for our new arrival a while ago – a great way to get older siblings involved with a new baby!

1. You will need: crayons (curious or otherwise), sandpaper, 1 piece of cardboard, a plain tshirt, kitchen towel, an iron and a sissors.

2. Cut a suitable piece of sandpaper for your design and cut the cardboard the same size. Draw your design on the sandpaper using crayons. IMPORTANT: remember to draw your design the opposite way you want it to appear on your tshirt.

3. Place the cardboard inside the the tshirt under the area you are designing.

4. Put the sandpaper on the tshirt (design side down)

5. Cover with the kitchen towel.

6. Iron for about 30 seconds

7. Lift a corner of the sandpaper to make sure your design appears on the tshirt, if not, iron for a few more seconds. Once you are happy with the design, put the tshirt in the dyer for 20 mins to set the colours 😀


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