Pumpkin Ideas


So it’s the week before halloween and If you’ve bought yourself a pumpkin you’ll probably be deciding how to carve/decorate/paint it over the next few days.

I’ve just put together some pumpkin ideas that I love that will hopefully give you some ideas!


boo oggie-boogie-man171965_3355053575183_1321120856_o






Some of the carved options that you Google can look more daunting then they are, I’ve sucessfully done the two last ones above. I think its all about breaking down the shapes that make them up and checking if you have anything you can use as templates.


turtles pac-man-pumpkins-450x300 frank eye emoji-pumpkin-decorations 12194044_10203706672947375_1937988863_o


Love all of these but The Cookie Monster is the only one I’ve tried myself. We used poster paint which wasn’t great, it needed a good few coats and rubbed off quite easily. I did a quick search just now and people are recommending acrylic paint (you can get a great range of colours for €1.50 in Dealz) or spray paint.

The Pac Man ones need some carving as well as painting but it looks simple enough 🙂

Glow in the dark

glow-2 glow-3 glow-in-the-dark glow4

I absolutely love these! I haven’t tried these myself yet but all you need is glow in the dark paint and some imagination! Might give one a go next year…

Lastly, we have these guys, easy to do with some glue, card and bandages…..also perfect for covering up any mistakes you might of made trying a carved design 🙂



And there you have it, some great Ideas for your Halloween pumpkins! I’d love to see your pumpkins, show your pics over on the Curious Crayons Facebook page.

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