Easy Halloween Arts & Crafts



3 Simple Arts & Crafts Ideas for Halloween!



I’m the least crafty mammy around but I find little crafts and activities are great to fill a few hours at home. If I can pull these off then so can you!!

First up are these super simple, easy to make ghost lanterns.



All you need are some white plastic cups, battery operated tealights (I got mine in Dealz), some black card, glue and some googly eyes (I also got these in Dealz or you can make your own).

Little instruction needed here, all you do is stick some eyes on to an upside down cup and design and stick on the mouth. Lastly, just pop your tealight underneath. It’s that easy!


Next up are these wooly pumpkins




I love these guys but im sure you can see from my photos that mine arent the neatest and could be improved on (I did warn you!)

All you need is some orange and green wool (I got mine in Hickeys, €1.30 each or thereabouts), a sissors and some string to hang them up when they’re finished.


All you do is wrap the orange wool around your hand (I did it about 75 times), cut it away from the ball of wool and remove from your hand. Next, you take a short piece of orange wool and tie a knot around the middle, then take a short piece of green wool, place it over the knot and tie another knot over it, again with the orange wool.

All that’s left to do is pull the edges of your pumpkins around to meet and give them a fluff up (very technical term)!! Then you can tie them to a string for hanging.      
2016-10-14-11-01-15 2016-10-14-11-00-12


Lastly are some spooky canvasas. These are great for smaller children and because there’s a few elements to them, you can make this activity last over a few days.


For these you need some canvases (I got a pack of four for €5.50 in Hickeys), some paint, googly eyes, stick on letters, masking tape, some ribbon for hanging and maybe a young child’s hands and feet for the ghost and spider shapes!!


These are quite self explanatory again, for the 3 painted ones you just pick and paint a background colour, let it dry and then make the hand and foot prints in a different colour. Then, you just add your eyes or any facial features you like and the lettering.

The mummy one is a little different, for this I just stuck down some card, some eyes and then layered ripped pieces of masking tape over to create the mummy effect. Lastly, just add any lettering and you’re done!


 Of course you can hang these separately, to hang them like I have you just need a long piece of ribbon and a stapler or some thumbtacks.

So there you have it, a few simple craft ideas to try over Halloween! I’d love to see how you got on, post up your pictures on the Curious Crayons facebook page 🙂

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